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  • Blues of my soul

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    Blues of my soul


     * * *


    Winged wind in the park foliage
    Autumn blues to my soul,
    There was a saxophone playing softly somewhere,
    Sadness on my heart inspired me.
    I became a little bit older and smarter,
    A little bit more serious and a little more bold,
    But the sun shines on the soul of the sun
    Among the bustle of worldly gray clouds.
    Changes the calendar for days, days,
    As a counter, they measure life,
    Only the old park and somewhere saxophone
    My soul was in unison.
    I'll take the guitar, I'll sing softly
    About life, sadness and about your love,
    And let it be carried Josep Roca-Sastre art for sale

    through the park silence
    Guitar, saxophone and blues soul.
    (Agatha Swift)

    Album of the Blues



    Canadian contemporary artist Remi LaBarre (Remi LaBarre), prefers to paint with oil. Inspired by the work of American John Singer Sargent (John Singer Sargent), the author created a series of musical portraits.
    He called the series, "Painted Songs." Inspiration from the great American was transferred to Remi LaBarre (Remi LaBarre), and then displayed on the canvases. The muffled light, the silhouettes of the musicians, everything speaks of the coming of the evening. All this really reminds of Sargent's work. It was this series that brought the artist worldwide fame in Europe and North America.


    A series of messages "Modern Painting":
    Part 1 - Bravo! Oksana.Past 2 - Eyes can talk ... Part 39 - Audrey Hepburn in a beautiful floral frame.Part 40 - Wear hats, ladies! Part 41 - The Blues of My Soul

  • Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Jews of the city of St. Petersburg or unhappy conversations by candlelight

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    ♥ ღ ♥ Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Jews of the city of Peter or sad conversations by candlelight ♥ ღ ♥

    The play does not take place in fantasy worlds or in the distant future. In the mailbox of the usual apartment a strange agenda appeared, in which the Jews of the city of St. Petersburg were urged to collect things urgently and come to the specified place. The peasants, as they say, for a long time think three together and three, make the most ridiculous assumptions, laugh at each other and regret each other, but they can not help it. Some make the decision to submit with despair, others - with humor, but no one can and does not want to resist such a turn of "fate". Despite the external comedy, the play tells about the most terrible form of slavery - spiritual slavery, paralyzing the will and thought, paralyzing the very need of man to li François Barraud paintings for sale

    ve freely.

    Extras. Information: "The Jews of St. Petersburg" - the only play of the Strugatsky brothers, the premiere - October 4, 1991.
    "The future is a thoroughly disinfected present," wrote the Strugatsky. Everyone thought, they predicted perestroika in the USSR, and it turned out - all our modernity, on a world scale.

  • Architecture of the past. Palaces and castles of Europe.

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    Architecture of the past. Palaces and castles of Europe.

    Italy Bridge St.. Peter s Basilica St. Angelo Rome

    F.Goya * Concerto pour une voix *

    The castles of the old years are beautiful.
    The teeth of their gray towers
    As if pour a little visible light,
    And strange and terrible,
    Silent fire of past wins
    Their proud face is decorated.
    Lift bridges and ditches, -
    Closed dominions.
    Here at night you can hear the scream of an owl,
    Gossip here.
    And the sigh of gray grass is strange.
    In the hour of the lunar eclipse.

    England Westminster Palace

    Italy Rome Vatican St. Peter s Basilica

    (New World)

    Canada Chateau Frontenac

    Romania Peles

    England Highclere Hampshire

    Spain Zaragoza

    France Luxembourg Paris

    Hungary Budapest Margit

    France Mont Saint Michel

    Germany Schwerin

    France Chateau des Milandes Dordogne

    Germany Schwerin

    Germany Zenden

    Scotland Glamis

    Germany Eltz

    Czech Republic Prague

    France de Chantilly (Musée Condé)

    Stone Town Castles

    France Chateau de Chambord

    Scotland Edinburgh

    Scotland Inverary

    Castles Czech Republic Hluboká nad Vltavou

    Czech Republic. Hluboká Castle over the Vltava River.

    Castles Dresden Castle Germany

    Scotland Castles Dunrobin

    Castles Slovakia Castle Bojnicky

    Hohenzollern Castle, German

    Italy Bridge St.. Peter s Basilica St. Angelo Rome

    Italy Castle Brunnenburg

    Castle Moyland Germany

    Alcazar de Segovia Spain

    Hungary Budapest parliament

    (New World)

    Canada Parliament Br Milton Glaser art

    itish Columbia Victoria

    (New World)

    Canada Victoria Parliament

    Scottish Castles Dunrobin Castle

    Czech Republic Hradek u Nechanic

    Belgium Jehay

    France La Conciergerie

    France Chateau de Hautefort

    Czech Republic Ploskovice

    Germany Raesfeld

    Hungary Vajdahunyad Budapest

    Egeskov Denmark

    France Chateau de Chenonceau

    Germany Leipzig

    Germany OIsselburg Anholt

    Germany Steinfurt

    Germany Liebieg

    Poland Castle in Plawniowice

    Germany Krefeld Burg Linn

    Germany Schwangau Neuschwanstein