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Daniel Kies "Flowers for Algernon" / audio


This is the only story in the science fiction genre, the author of which was twice awarded first for the story, and then for the novel with the same title, hero, plot.

"Do not misunderstand me: reason is the greatest acquisition of mankind! And yet, too often, the pursuit of knowledge substitutes the search for love. I came to this very recently. I propose a working hypothesis: a person who has intelligence but lacks the ability to love and be loved, is doomed to an intellectual and moral catastrophe, and perhaps even to a serious mental illness. In addition, I argue that a self-enclosed brain is not capable of giving anything to the surroundings, only pain and violence. When I was mentally retarded, I had many friends. Now I do not have them. Oh, I know a lot of people, but they are just familiar, and among them there is almost no one who would mean anything to me or to whom I am interested. "
Thirty years ago it was considered a fantasy. Thirty years ago it was read as a fantasy. Exploring and expanding the boundaries of the genre, greedily absorbing all sorts of new trends, trying on a common human face, ignorantly ignoring the Cain print of the "genre ghetto". Now it is perceived as one of the most humane works of modern times, like a novel of a piercing psychological force, as a filigree development of the theme of love and responsibility. Knowingly left already in the 90th book of memoirs, Kiz called "Algernon and I."
reads Volotsky Eugene
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From the artist:
Dear friends. In the way I read there are tiny mismatches with the text of the translation. I blame myself. Since living in the country where this book was written, I know the realities of "living English" a little better. A translator Sergei Sharov (excellent translation, by the way), a little confused in the idea of ??the pronunciation of certain words, which, however, are mere trifles. In general, the text is almost untouched. And the fact that, nevertheless, you need to say Algernon and not Algernon does not change anything.
? And yet: since your humble servant himself works in an institution like Warren, then the topic is close to him.
? And more: Muzychka is extracted from a cheap child electronic piano. I see and feel in this vein.
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