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Smile, gentlemen, smile!


Baron Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen (1720-1797) - historical personality, that is, this person really lived and his name is not fiction and not an accidental coincidence.
A great visionary and narrator of unthinkable adventures - Baron Munchausen was born in Germany in the city of Bodenwerder.
He came from an ancient and very noble family, later almost completely extinct, with the exception of the monk, from whom the surname originated (German Mönch - monk, Haus - house).



In 1786 in London, an anonymous writer published the book "Stories of Baron Munchausen on his unusual travels and campaigns in Russia."
The English quickly found out the name of the writer.
He was a German emigre Rudolf Erich Raspe (1737-94).
Escaping from the trial in England, Raspe created a real bestseller. Only in a year, his book about Munchausen was published four times!
In his book, Baron Munchausen, the famous braggart and inventor, who served for some time in the Russian army, talks about his fabulous adventures and fantastic journeys.


The following year the book about the Baron was published in German.
On its title page it read: "Gottfried August Burger." Amazing journeys on the water and on land, hiking and hilarious adventures of Baron Munchausen, as he himself uses a bottle of wine to tell. "
The real Munchausen did not recognize the name of the author of the English edition, but he threatened to sue the German writer Burger.
And how the baron would be angry, having learned that over the next two hundred years in different countries there were about 600 books with the continuation of his adventures.


Baron Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen furiously ordered the servants to close the doors of the house and not let anyone in. The fact is that after the publication of the book Raspe from wishing to get into the family estate of the baron, there was simply no end.
He could not even imagine that his stories told by long winter evenings in the circle of friends and neighbors would be published without his knowledge and consent and immortalize his name.



But Jerome Karl Munchausen could do nothing because his hero - incomparable, brave, witty and ingenious Baron Munchausen has already triumphed into history, his whole Europe reads his adventures, admires him and loves him.
But this does not bring the baron any wealth, no peace, no glory, no money. Alas!
The Baron has some troubles, a lack of understanding of the neighbors and the ridicule of his neighbors.
And maybe Baron Munchausen is not at all a liar and not an eccentric, but a person who wanted to turn life into a fairy tale, at least to brighten up the worthless everyday life of his contemporaries with fiction, dream, and imagination?



There are two versions of this remarkable book.
Two authors tried to please us: Rudolf Erich Raspe and Gottfried August Burger.
The first to work was Raspe - he wrote his book in English, and Burger supplemented the finished work of Rape and translated it into German.
Listen, maybe it's plagiarism? )))
Illustrated the book "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" in 1872 by a French engraver, illustrator, and painter Gustave Dore.
In general, the proletarians of all countries have united and as a result, we have a wonderful work, living in the ages and always relevant.



It's not my fault if such strange things happen to me that has not happened to anyone yet.
It's because I like traveling and I'm always looking for adventure, and you sit at home and can not see anything except the four walls of your room.



"Smile, gentlemen, smile!"

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