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Arnold Lowrey about the sea and the sky in watercolors

This American landscape painter paints his watercolor masterpieces for forty years. The term is considerable, and on its length he transformed from a simple gifted landscape painter into a modern art guru who paints thousands of students and the author of world bestsellers for special publications, a teacher of watercolor technique. In 2001, his first book, Sea and Sky in Watercolor, was published, the following year it was published in "Watercolor: Tips and Techniques for Beginners to Draw", and eight years later, in 2009, "I am ready to paint: the hills And mountains ». All these editions were translated into Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Dutch and Russian and were sold in crazy for publications of this kind - 240,000 copies.



In addition, Arnold Lowrey gives watercolor video lessons. To date, he has released 21 DVD-ROM, each of which contains a complete demonstration of the creation of the picture Michael Cheval art for sale. Weekly, their archive is updated on You Tube on the Internet. He teaches not only to own watercolor, but to interpret with his help his feelings from the perception of a certain subject. It was this topic that was devoted to his last course, which he brilliantly read on one of the cruise liners last summer. It was an unforgettable artistic journey through the Mediterranean - these are the testimonials of his grateful students.

It's hard to believe, but Arnold Lowrey finds a place in her life for two more hobbies. This is a computer and jazz - he devotes to music and creating programs for teaching artists all the remaining free time. One thing is good: both of these exercises perfectly fit together Vladimir Kush art for sale.




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