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copy about the John Singer Sargent Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

Although was designed to do, but never really painted oil paintings, suddenly want to experience, recently bought a experience on the regiment buy app yesterday class, today went to shenzhen a painting experience pavilion experience of the feeling of the oils. I took a pad, and then I chose a poster of the two, which drew six hours:


Talk about the experience:
1. About tools:

Get used to the tablet, return to the entity, cannot undo, cannot reverse, cannot curve... It's very inefficient. The drawing board is relatively small, so the inferior slit brush provided by the experience museum, even the smallest number, can't depict the face, so it feels very sorry that scarlett...

The characteristic of oil painting is not familiar at first, the turpentine is added too much, it is more difficult to cover later, can only make the paint heap thick, have to say that real painting real money paint is really not green! Digital painting controllability is very strong, and entity pigment let me very not adapt to the ever-changing fusion, of course that have their own advantages, is under the characteristics of this kind of fusion may draw inspiration.

Oil painting is also difficult to dry, residence time all over the place, is also good experience pavilion, spend money on easily, need not studio painting materials, arrangement of choose and buy, adjust the sketchpad, wash brush, clean studio, clean apron... , etc.

2. About learning:

There is an art foundation to learn oil painting, basically is to learn the characteristic of oil painting pigment. So the experience on the way of the teacher give me advice on the painting, in fact I don't have to he also understand that just because the first contact with oil paintings, also grasp the characteristic of paint does not reach the designated position, tools is low, cannot achieve the mind. Art base I am self-study, and the characteristics of the oil paints, has the experience of the teacher give me instructions, so strictly speaking not completely oil painting "self-study", however I see no basis sister beside the scribble, self-study effect is worse than actually, because the experience of the teacher at the end of the day is to make customers happy, if you don't want to customer from the foundation study, experience pavilion wouldn't force them to feel honey confident customers can don't walk unusual road, only scattered some advice.



John Singer Sargent Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose Oil Painting Reproduction

Also is the experience of the teacher will say the oil painting which is able to cover so boldly draw, this is actually standing in them as oil painting professional perspective, if only occasionally draw that ordinary people are not very patient a picture for a long time. For example, I just want to finish painting in one afternoon, so I can't do it for a while, or even go for ten and a half months to finish the painting. At the beginning of the match, the body should be clear, so that the content can be expressed in a short time. The people in the experience hall said that I was too rigid, but I knew exactly why I did it, and finally I was influenced by the "bold painting", which was not matched.

3. The last:

Self-study oil paintings, each person has their own definition, some people think tool to get together with pen drawing oil painting is self-study, some people such as I still think only follow western classical art education system of learning, is in the "oil painting", just like Picasso is not directly from the start of cubism. So self-study art foundation, not necessarily still use entity's painting tools, now is the 21st century, use digital board to cooperate with 3d software to learn the art foundation, actually is more efficient. When the self-learner has learned the basic set of knowledge, then he draws the painting of the entity, so that he can use the brush to learn writing after writing.

This is the first time that I have experienced the feelings of oil painting.

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