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  • still paintings

    Book back to the last (this time specifically imitate the voice of the single Tian Fang)

    The last time we said, we can use the film to understand the next environment, and then understand what a painting to express the story and the author.

    This understanding can be combined with their own knowledge, you do not necessarily understand the painting, but you will understand your familiar industry! Painting and art is also an industry, in your industry in the Niubi people Niubi place, apply to the same painter.

    Give two examples:

    What are my paintings in Van Gogh and Picasso? - There are two paragraphs in the comments area that have been discussed and discussed by others. These two probably did not how to contact the painting, but through their familiar things, and finally very easy to understand:

        @ Liu Yunbin

        Do you mean that these masters to the scene without a trick?

    After understanding what he wanted to express, I answered:

        Blind smashed a pass (author) reply Liu Yunbin
        When you go to school when the martial arts novels do not see much, really did not understand the moment, but this is not abandoned, at least not count, but like the master class jump out of the existing theory of the shackles, own moves and far-reaching.

    There is a purely science and engineering male, and finally I take von Neumann and Turing to fight for example. But I think that time is not a good example, it is used to know the Sony and Apple who applaud but no one to buy the "black technology" to do metaphor is better, they are exploring new possibilities, but may be the time The public can not understand or accept, and even now can understand and accept less people.

    At this point, for the "lay" appreciation of the proposal is actually over, we come and take a lot of people that do not understand "Starry Night" to be a small test:

    Here I tell you, Van Gogh is a poor schizophrenic patients, but not to the confusion, but also to live and communicate with others, but because of his eccentric and paranoid, almost no friends, people around are not how to understand He, even his brother is not willing to be with him, but also refused to let him live in a (almost now). He is very lonely, lonely people are always looking forward to others understand.

    (Extensible to understand schizophrenia in the "clinical manifestations" section.)

    This "starry night" is the poor mental patients painted in the mental hospital (big enough, it is recommended to point to open):


    Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night oil painting reproductions
    Whether this picture as a mental illness of the inner monologue, whether in junior high school textbooks to see more feelings when the author? Congratulations, you have been able to appreciate!

    Then in the "layman" within the scope of their own appreciation to improve the level of what? There are two more suggestions:

    1. more than reading: In addition to pure technical books and Longao days of network novels, as long as there is interest to see what is no harm, nothing to do with the art of nothing or nothing, It is true that this year's game and online socialization may give people more quick satisfaction, resulting in fewer and fewer people reading (the subway did not see a few people reading, the average annual reading rate of the Chinese ah), but almost Any knowledge of one side is helpful for your appreciation of an oil painting.

    2. Interested in visiting museums and art galleries to see the kind: some painting in front of the computer to see the screen or from the book to see the print will be much worse than the physical experience. For example, how does this question appreciate the paintings of Mondrian? , And for example, this question Ye Yongqing's "bird" why the painting value of 250,000? Is ordinary people do not understand art? The Most people have the answer so have the meaning of "If you have the opportunity to get closer to see the kind, really and the computer is not the same as before.", Computer and newspaper newspaper look at the picture you may miss the point of view, light and Texture detail.

    At this point, "layman" to appreciate what needs to be done here, and if you want to further, then it is no longer 0 basis, but into the door, to see if you have no interest and time, the fact It is not difficult.

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