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  • Revelation of Oil Painting Teaching

    In the teaching of oil paintings (including sketches, watercolors and other Western painting), the most common argument is to take the "realism" or take the "non-realism" or "anti-realism," the question of right and wrong. If it is recognized that the aesthetic of the various arts in the same value for the status of respect is the basic prerequisite for artistic appreciation, then the high artwork to do the final judgment. Although the concept and imagination can ride, but the effect of its implementation can only be dictated by the expression of technology. We do not believe that there is a causal relationship between technology and aesthetics - a certain aesthetic must have a specific technology to support, or a technology can only show the only aesthetic effect, but to emphasize the role of technology education to technology Abstract and suitable for different countries, ethnic, ethnic, personal. But in this way, technology in the life of different individuals can be rejuvenated to adapt to produce any artistic style possible. And has a strict technical range and theoretical science of this perfect condition of the training base - the school was able to make educators to learn vertical (historical) horizontal (contemporaries) of the two dimensions of the various technologies for its full personality Publicity and any possible changes to the aesthetic realization of the final realization of the building may still be deployed for the rich arsenal.

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    In art education, if one praises the artist's subtle attitudes and realistic techniques of copying nature, he makes a microflora, or, for the same reason, a failure to faithfully portray the natural and direct expression of the mind. Ignoring other aesthetic styles is undoubtedly harmful. Any kind of education is nothing more than to educate the healthy growth, rather than a simple sense of science education. Subject teaching is bound to be affected by the education of thinking institutions and changes in physiological structure, its impact, and even human life. In this sense, in the teaching of oil painting "technical principles" to overcome the aesthetic pressure or aesthetically misleading, aims to establish a healthy growth of the human form, so that educators get rid of any kind of established aesthetic constraints, to Freedom to create the road.